Subscription Flowers FAQs

-What are subscription flowers?

Subscription flowers are a great way to enjoy a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered to your home or work weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We often only buy flowers as a gift for someone else or as an after-thought so we wanted to make it easier for people to treat themselves or someone else with a regular floral delivery.

-How does it work?

Head to the Subscription Flowers section of our website, choose the bouquet size you want (Mini, Midi or Maxi) and place an order like you would when purchasing any item. On the drop-down just choose how frequently you want the flowers delivered (weekly, fortnightly or monthly). Easy peasy.

-Can I choose which flowers I want in my subscription?

Due to seasonal variations, we can't offer the same flowers each time but if you absolutely love a particular flower or certain colour, we will include these where we can. Just write your preferences in the box at the checkout and we'll work our magic.

-Does the price of my subscription include delivery?

It sure does.

-Once I've signed up for subscription flowers, how do I pay for each subsequent subscription?

After you're purchased the first subscription, we will keep your card details on file. They will be kept safe and secure and only be charged again on the day of your next delivery.

-What if I no longer need my subscription, can I cancel it any time?

Yes, if you no longer need your subscription, you can cancel any time you like. There are no minimum contract terms or cancellation fees, no sneaky hidden costs at all.

-If I want my flowers in an arrangement, can I use my own vase?

Yes definitely, we'll organise for it to be collected and send it back to you full of flowers. (We do need a minimum of 24 hours notice though).

-Can you deliver on weekends and public holidays?

Our team can deliver your subscription on the weekend, before 11am. Unfortunately we can't deliver on public holidays though.

-Can you deliver anywhere in Auckland?

Just about. We can deliver as far north as Torbay and as far south as Drury, out to Swanson and over to Botany Downs. If you live outside this area though, please get in touch and we'll see if we can make it happen.


If you're unsure of anything or have any other questions that we haven't covered here, please email and our team will help out.