About Us

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With a hankering for a life with colour and seasonal blooms, in 2015, Rose Tinted was created. It started in the garden shed which we soon outgrew, moving to a pop up flower shop, a studio space and now our current store in Ponsonby Central. There we create bespoke florals for weddings, events, installations and special occasions. We also host floral workshops for hen's parties, events and soirees. We are a team of fun, witty and passionate floral designers who can pretty much do anything.
Our bouquets are a little different from the traditional florist bouquet. We enjoy a whimsical freshly picked from the wild garden look but still keeping it contemporary and memorable, creating various colour pallets with locally grown blooms. We maintain the classic white/brown wrap ensuring our blooms work beautifully in any home.
As well as flowers, we're really passionate about being kind to the earth. The floral world appears wonderful but we're constantly fighting mountains of plastic waste which comes with lots of the flowers. We've got a few initiatives which you can read about in Viva and Remix.
Know that you are trusting a team that are environmentally aware of opting for green solutions.
Rose Tinted team x
If you'd like to know more, contact us at info@rosetintedflowers.co.nz  For more florals, take a look and follow our Instagram and Facebook page.
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