Popular Trends Defining The Industry For Your Local Auckland Florist in 2022

Styles and trends in the floral world come and go. Popular flower varieties, colour palettes and design styles change from year to year, giving an excellent guideline for selecting the ideal bouquet to bring new life into your home or workplace. Here we look at the industry trends, colour palettes and design styles that define the industry for your local florist in Auckland this year.

The Colour Palette For 2022

In contrast to the calm neutrals of 2021, the floral world will see a multi-coloured rise in the popularity of vibrant colours in 2022. While lighter and more subdued tones will still make up the colour palette for this year, incorporating singular or a select few vivid hues into floral designs and arrangements is seeing a sharp upward trend.

Rich oranges with yellow undertones, deep pinks and opulent golds are all strong additions to this year's floral colour palette ‒ trends that embody tropical island summers and sunsets. On the other side of the colour pallet, deep airy and tranquil navy and earthy greens will bring a stark contrast but an equally striking design quality.

Industry Forecast

Across the board, the industry has seen a rise in domestic consumption of flower bouquets accompanied by a piqued interest in flower arrangements. This is due to the simple fact that individuals are spending more time at home and want their spaces to be beautiful and they need constructive ways of spending their time.

Because of this, we see a rise in demand for highly trained, creative florists to demonstrate their expertise,  progressively separating themselves from ordinary flower vendors. 'A little bit of everything' creations are receding, leaving room in the industry for more refined 'workroom' concepts to develop.

Curation is another trend coming into focus. People are finding more need for custom designs and arrangements to convey meaningful and personalised messaging.

A Sense Of Flexibility And A Celebration Of Organic Design Elements

A sense of flexibility dominates the floral trends of 2022. These designs exude style and sophistication with just the right amount of fun and adventure. 

You'll still expect to see the timeless splendour of traditional bridal arrangements, often offset or comparable to wildflower bouquets that display a more organic beauty. In keeping with organic beauty, there is an awareness for sustainability growing. Florists are becoming more aware of protecting native vegetation and creating compostable designs, ensuring designs do not feature artificial decorative pieces that can end up in landfills but rather a celebration of organic elements and their unique aesthetic.

An authentic contrast coming on to the scene is the popularity of dried flowers. They are low maintenance, and aesthetically they are incredibly interesting and dynamic.

Rose Tinted Flowers is a florist in Auckland offering bespoke floral designs for all occasions, including weddings, event styling and installations. As with fashion, floral design trends are also quite seasonal, so be sure to keep your eye on the year's movements as they evolve by subscribing to our newsletter. If you would like to see some of this year's floral design trends first-hand, you can browse our range of designer bouquets.

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