How To Get The Best From Your Flower Shop In Auckland

When you are ordering flowers, there can be a number of factors that can either enhance or ruin the experience. As a flower shop in Auckland that is passionate about the results you enjoy and providing the very best in customer service, our team at Rose Tinted Flowers has compiled some of our top tips for ensuring an excellent experience. Take a leaf out of our book and make sure you use these handy hints to your advantage.

Tip #1 - Speak To Your Florist

Whenever and wherever possible, speaking to your florist can give you a brilliant advantage on the flowers you decide on. Your final bouquet should be representative of not only what you want but also of the very best that is seasonally available. If you have room for some flexibility in terms of the exact blooms that are used, this is a great opportunity to ask the florist what they have in the cooler or what their recommendations are for a particular arrangement. In fact, you might even consider simply just “trusting the florist” and choosing our Down The Rabbit Hole arrangement that defines exploring “into the wonderfully unexpected”. 

Tip #2 - Order Well In Advance

If you do have an exact arrangement you would like, or if you know you have an important date coming up, then your best bet is to ensure that you place your order as soon as possible. This means that your florist can plan for your order and alert you promptly if there are any issues, especially if you have communicated that specific flowers are important or meaningful to you. That way, if something is unavailable, there is time to find an appropriate substitution or vary your arrangement to your preference.

Tip #3 - Build A Relationship With Your Florist

If you order flowers regularly, and particularly if you take the time to have a conversation with our team and let us know a bit more about your experience, we will be able to anticipate your preferences and needs in future. This means that when you place orders in future, we are more likely to pick up if there are blooms that are important to you that are unavailable or if you normally send a card and accidentally forget it on an order. It’s all in the details and having a great relationship with you is essential to us.

Get in touch with your trusted flower shop in Auckland - Rose Tinted Flowers - today to discuss your upcoming order by emailing us at or using our online portal.

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