Who doesn't love trying their hand at something different? That's why we teamed up with Homes to Love to create easy to follow 'how to' guides for our flower fam to try at home. You don't necessarily need winter flowers, you can use flowers from your own garden, from the local store, or from us!



Rosie’s top tips for creating a winter flower arrangement:

  • Start with miscellaneous foliage from the garden. Delicate leaves work really well, but anything that will add extra texture is perfect.
  • Choose two hero flowers (I used parrot tulips and a protea) and compliment with a few other smaller flowers.
  • Make sure the bottoms of the stems are stripped before putting them in the vase to prevent bacteria forming in the water.
  • Before you start your arrangement, place some chicken wire (or similar) in the vase to use as a mould to hold your foliage in place.


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This place is the best!! I live in aus and wanted to send my mum and my nanny flowers and a cake. What Rosie put together for them was more than I had ever expected! Rosie made it so easy to organise - even from Australia. I will definitely use Rosie again and highly recommend to anyone else! Thank you to everyone at Rose Tinted Flowers!!


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