DIY Wild Arrangement


A little something for the wild creative inside you. This extra dreamy floral arrangement is ideal for someone who loves OTT and isn't afraid to try different colours, textures and flower combinations.

I'm really inspired by the autumnal leaves, the colour range of burgundy and maroon to ochre and mustard tones are so beautiful and add a much needed colour injection. If, like me you are surrounded my kauri trees, their fallen seeds are the most beautiful golden colour ✨ Also keep an eye out for berries or fruit, they make a beautiful addition to floral arrangements too.

If you're uninspired by the neutral or dull tones of your dried flowers, try spray painting them (or take the kids paint set and create your own floral colour palette). If it's a sunny day, you could get the kids outside, doing some painting for you.

When choosing a vase, remember to choose one that compliments your florals (in colour and shape). If you want to create a wide, sprawling arrangement, choose a low, wide vase. If you want to create a tall, linear arrangement, choose a taller, narrow vase. 

Now you've got your florals, it's time to create...

what you’ll need:

A vase
Chicken wire
Floral tape (great but not essential)
A lazy Susan (again, awesome if you have one but not essential)
Spray paint or paint if you're feeling extra creative
A selection of dried flowers and foliage

step 1: Prep you flowers and foliage

Before you create your floral arrangement, you want to process your flowers and foliage, this means trimming your stems. Using your snips, trim excess leaves, thorns or unnecessary greenery from each stem.

step 2: Getting started


Please your vase on your lazy Susan or in the centre of a table. Mould your chicken wire into a ball shape with your hands and place it into your vase, filling the space inside. Use some floral tape to hold it in place if you need to.


step 3: Get arranging!

Onto the fun part…
Start by 'basing out' your arrangement. This is flower speak for adding your leafy foliage to the vase. Adding these helps establish the shape of your arrangement and cover much of the chicken wire. 

As you build onto your base, remember to rotate the vase around so you can see if you have any gaps. Fill any gaps with more luscious flowers and greenery. Play around with the placement and shape until you achieve the look you want. It doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical – wild is good! 

step 4: When is enough, enough?

If you're like me, you want to add just a little bit more and a little bit more to your arrangement. If you think you're done, step away from your arrangement for a while, come back to it later and see if it needs anything extra. I find it's always looking at florals with fresh eyes always helps.

Then - Voila! You're done (I think you deserve a wine) x

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