“There is a city inside you and I will learn to navigate every street and back alley and secret shortcut” – Robyn Petrik

A modern gush of romance flushed today’s styled shoot which was nestled in the heart of Auckland. A beauty was found in the forgotten corners of the industrial scape, highlighted by the luxury of Karen Walker Atelier; fashion stealth shining against the dark cheddar blocks of the city and wind washed plaster fractured by the years.

Divine details and scents of European couture lingered throughout the day: quality textured fabrics, prominent sleeves, speckled tulle puddling the pavement, a curling collar and a luxe cape, tailored trousers with a traveller’s crease. The wheaty hues of Chaos & Harmonyshoes ferried our bridal muse across the day, with makeup by Beauty by Blair Gamblinand hair by Hare & Hunter‘s Brooke Mann, two longtime wild hearts.

The reception – envisage an intimate, avant-garde setting for a special few, with strong notes of muted copper and rose warming the air. Against the studio-white, a soft mix of textures absorbed the honeyed light cascading through the sash windows. Accents of antique gold, dried wild flowers in earthy bisque ceramics, tiered candlelight and Seedlipcocktails garnished walnut linens. Flora gathered and curated by Rose Tinted Flowers whispered blissfully; greenery and dried cranberry petals silently broke the chestnut wooden floors, simmering at the bride’s feet.

A contemporary perspective captured by Bayly & Moore. Whimsical, dreamy features below.


Photography: Bayly & Moore | Flora: Rosie from Rose Tinted Flowers | Styling: Samantha Gerard – Under the Wild Stars | Gown + Veil: Karen Walker Atelier | Rings: Karen Walker | Shoes: Chaos & Harmony | Makeup: Beauty by Blair Gamblin | Hair: Hare & Hunter | Earrings: Kami & Kindred | Model: ⁠Tia HarrisRed 11 | Furniture: Flock Events | Tableware: The Event Refinery | Linen: Drape Linen | Stationery⁠: Papier HQ | Cake: The Caker | Drinks: Seedlip

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