NZ Flowers Week - celebrating NZ grown flowers

This year we jumped at the chance to get involved with a floral project alongside some talented (and slightly bonkers) florists from around NZ.

We had to create 3 different designs that represented our Past, Present and Future in Floristry.
Keep scrolling to see what I created and the inspiration behind each one...

A whimsical blossom cloud represents the dream I had of leaving my day job and becoming a florist. My business name ‘Rose Tinted’ came about because I see the world through a rose tinted lens, everything is erring on the side of positive. I took that positive energy, taking my dream and making it into a floral reality.

Contemporary chaos.
I’m forever coming up with different ideas, juggling lots of jobs and responsibilities all the while trying to keep on top of everything. My days are full, varied and never predictable. This floral represents the different directions my brain and body are constantly moving in, while trying not to topple over. 

There are several storylines in my floral future. The one you can’t see is the sustainability; instead of using floral foam, I used sphagnum moss in the small floral 'gardens' and the large structure was created using dried flora and wire instead of foam or plastic. It’s really important for me to be challenged creatively by the shifts in our environmental conscience and embrace the change which benefits the world we live in. 

Overall the design embodies what has grown from a thought to a fully functioning, self sustaining business and I couldn't be more grateful to the people who helped me get there. Within the setting there are smaller gardens, springing fourth, representing the continued growth of the business and the next stage of my career which will hopefully continue to inspire me and those around me.

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