Self Care with Flowers

We are all aware that flowers and plants are natural healers. Our flowering friends contain the keys to a brighter mood inside their deliciously delicate petals. Even more importantly, they may have a significant influence on our health, decreasing stress and assisting us in finding peace of mind. But what exactly is the science behind it? Is it as simple as putting a full vase of flowers on your table to calm your nerves?

Flowers can help you sleep - 

Sleeping soundly is essential for overall health and well-being. The scent of lavender has been shown to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, allowing you to unwind! The more calm you are, the more likely you are to fall asleep. Other flowers, such as Gerberas and Wild Daisy, can help you sleep by increasing the oxygen level in your room at night. Orchids absorb carbon dioxide during the day and release oxygen at night, so having these flowers on your bedside might ensure restful sleep.

Use Flowers to Support Productivity - 

According to studies, having plants at the office improves brain efficiency and encourages creativity. Sparse, tidy workplaces may appear impressive to passers-by, but they provide little visual stimulation for workers who must spend the entire day there, which may have an influence on productivity.

Workers aren't the only ones affected. Arrangements in classrooms and lecture halls have also been demonstrated in studies to enhance attendance. Flowers, it turns out, may make you happy and more attentive, no matter where you are!

Colour Therapy - 

We all identify different colours with distinct moods: red might represent love, rage, or danger, but yellow is typically linked with pleasure and sunshine. Blue may represent peace or melancholy, whereas green is associated with safety, which could explain why having a lot of leafy plants around produces such a relaxing setting.

Furthermore, we each have our own unique associations with colours, which might evoke a pleasant or sad memory and impact our emotions. Suddenly, selecting the colour of your flowers becomes a more difficult option than you anticipated! Of course, it's also a terrific opportunity to evoke a certain mood or sensation in the recipient of the flowers.


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