Jericho and Billy

OMG where do I even start with Jericho...from the get go, I felt like I was talking to an old friend, helping plan her special day. It's people like this that make me feel like my job is the best thing in the world. 

Based in Melbourne, Jericho and Billy were planning their Great Barrier Island wedding via Auckland. Flowers, food, cake, lots of logistical challenges which weren't a problem for this dream team couple.

Because of the challenges of getting married on the Barrier, Jez knew she wanted dried florals, zero chance of wilting en route which makes for a happy florist and a incredibly happy bride.

Knowing that the vibe for their wedding was going to be kinda sorta relaxed beach, boho bride, Barrier style, we used a combination of dried fleurs in sandy, maroon and sage green colours with bucket loads of texture. When Jez picked them up, she was so excited, it's the best feeling, seeing a reaction like that. Seriously incredible.

They had a crack team of vendors alongside them (unfortunately we didn't get a weekend on the Barrier but we can orgainise that another time...), Roisin from Rouge and Scout and James from Chase Wild Photography. Jez' dress was from Flora Bridal and her ring, from what might be my new favourite jeweller, Julia deVille.

I haven't even mentioned the best bit yet, their giraffes. Yep, their giraffes from Burning Man. I told you these guys were cool. I'm planning a trip to Melbourne just to hang out with these two again. I miss them already x






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