Celebrate International Women's Day

This day comes just once a year. And each year I'm confronted by at least one moron who complains 'why isn't there an International Men's Day'. I've stopped responding to those mouth breathers and instead celebrate women, their achievements which act as the catalyst towards positive change.

Part of that is celebrating the women who make my life better, who make coming to work an absolute joy. Read on for a little profile on my flower femmes and what makes them so special to me. 

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My darling friend Izzy. She's been bossing me around for nearly 2 year now and with countless brain farts and derpy moments, she is an absolute pleasure to be around. Nine times out of ten, she's the brains behind the wedding set up, making sure everything is just right, using her critical eye to create the perfect flora for our brides.


Our green fingered Alice is a gal of many talents (some of you might remember her making some of the best coffee at Eight Thirty but we stole her). Sorry bout it. She is now honing her skill and putting the trained florists to shame with her natural eye and whimsical aesthetic. 


Our young Sunday gal has more sass and talent than you can shake a stick at. She can whip up a bridal bouquet in moments without breaking a sweat, she's just that good. She is more skilled and stylish at 17 than I could have dreamed (her 18th birthday which is in June BTW, you'll have to help us celebrate). Next time you're kicking around in Ponsonby Central on a Sunday, stop by and say hi to Ruby, her cheeky English wit is stellar.


I don't do a lot, not compared to the other girls at least. They're the ones coming up with the ideas, telling me what to do and making things a reality. It's nearly 3 years since a 'silly idea' led me to quit my job in advertising and be a florist. I can't tell you how glad I am that I made that step. It's been 3 years, one pop up shop, one studio, two permanent shops and one broken hearted meltdown that I didn't think I'd recover from and I'm still standing. The women who work for me aren't employees, they're friends / confidantes / therapy / sidekicks / drinking buddies and sisters who make this dream so special. 

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